Wheel Systems Sp. z o.o., which is registered in entrepreneurs registry maintained by the Regional Court for the city of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the KRS number 0000224900, VAT no. 524-25-21-745, Aleje Jerozolimskie 178, 02-486 Warszawa, in pursuit of integrity and actions’ transparency constitutes the following privacy policy. The privacy policy establishes the rules for gathering, processing and protecting personal data provided by the users when using Internet websites in domains or other websites in domains administered by Wheel Systems Sp. z o.o.

I. [definitions]

I.1. Personal Data – denotes personal data as described in art. 6 of the Act, provided by Users and gathered using the Website and processed by Wheel Systems;

I.2. Policy – denotes this Websites’ privacy policy;

I.4. Website – denotes Internet websites in domain and other Internet websites within domains administered by Wheel Systems;

I.5. Act – denotes act from 29 August 1997 about personal data protection (Dz. U. z 2011 r. Nr 203, pos. 1371);

I.6. User – denotes entities visiting and using the Website, which includes providing Personal Data.

II. [Personal Data Administrator; Personal Data repository]

II.1. Personal Users Data repository, according to art. 40 of the Act, must be registered to Personal Data General Inspector.

III. [Personal data Collecting Rules]

III.1. Providing Personal Data is not required to use the Website;

III.2. Accessing some of the content may require providing Personal Data. Not providing Personal Data may result in limited access to the contents of the Website;

III.3. Using the Website on mobile devices may be related with obtaining by Wheel Systems identifiers of those devices, including the Internet service provider and the phone number;

III.4. Personal Data collected according to the Policy, will be processed in the way which makes it impossible to identify the User to ensure User’s anonymity;

III.5. Personal Data collected according to the Policy will be only used for statistical purposes or to ensure proper usage of the Website, including preparing offer for marketing or statistical purposes, especially for advertising, market research as well as research on User’s actions and preferences to improve service quality or in relation to activities preceding signing a contract or sales agreement;

III.6. Wheel Systems may conduct opinion pools as well as ask single, specific questions in order to obtain specific User information;

III.7. Personal Data collected through the Website cannot include sensitive information as defined in the art. 27 par. 1 of the Act.

IV. [Range of the Personal Data and Range of Personal Data Processing]

IV.1. Wheel Systems may ask Users for the following Personal Data:

i/ name and last;

ii/ address;

iii/ phone number;

iv/ email address;

v/ bank account number;

IV.2. Wheel Systems Sp. z o.o. processes the Personal Data for offering and providing services offered by the company.

V. [Handing over and sharing Personal Data]

V.1. Using the Website may require providing or sharing Personal Data with third party entities. Handing over or sharing User’s Personal Data may take place:

i/ after User’s consent;

ii/ in case of execution by Wheel Systems the rules of law;

iii/ in case it is necessary to provide services offered by Wheel Systems;

V.2. Handing over Personal Data to another administrator involves processing of the Personal Data by the other administrator according to the administrator’s privacy policy;

V.3. Handing over and sharing of Personal Data may also take place outside European Economic Region.

VI. [Processing of Personal Data]

VI.1. Processing of the Personal Data takes place after User’s consent and in cases when the rules of law allow Wheel Systems to process the Personal Data;

VI.2. User’s consent for processing of the Personal Data takes place by filling in or selecting appropriate form field during the registration procedure or through other procedure available on the Website.

VII. [User Rights]

VII.1. The User has the right to get insight into own Personal Data, and to updating and changing it;

VII.2. Change in Personal Data may result in the necessity of updating the Data by the User. Not modifying the Personal Data in case it has been changed may result in incorrect service being provided or may result in Wheel Systems stopping providing its services.

VIII. [Personal Data Security]

VIII.1. Wheel Systems plights to ensure the security of the Personal Data;

VIII.2. Wheel Systems fulfills all duties with regard to it being an administrator of the Personal Data according to the rules of law.

IX. [Contact]

IX.1. The User can at any time contact Wheel Systems for information on how the User’s Personal Data is used;


The User can at any time revoke the Users consent concerning processing of the Personal Data. Revoking the consent may result with Wheel Systems terminating the services offered by Wheel Systems;

IX.3. User can at any time request deletion of a part of all of the User’s Personal Data. Such request may result in Wheel Systems stopping providing its services;

IX.4. Wheel Systems may refuse the deletion of the Personal Data under the following circumstances:

i/ unfulfilled payments towards Wheel Systems if keeping the Personal Data is required for executing those payments;

ii/ User breaking the Website’s bylaws or any other bonding bylaws as well as breaking the rules of law if preserving the Personal Data is required for establishing the responsibility of the User;

IX.5. All User contact with Wheel Systems will be conducted through:

i/ e-mail address:;

ii/ telephone, via phone number: +48 22 10 06 700.

Cookies policy

Cookie file is a data file sent from the website to the user’s computer. Our website sends cookie files when the user browses the websites content. By accepting cookie files used on our website, the User does not share personal information, but those cookie files can be used later to identify the computer of the given User.

Most of web browsers accept cookie files automatically by default, but it is possible to block or limit some of the cookie files by altering cookie files settings in the web browser. After blocking cookie files, some of the our websites features may be unavailable or can be displayed incorrectly.

The following URLs contain information about how to change cookie files preferences in popular web browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: 
  • Mozilla Firefox: 
  • Chrome: 
  • Opera: 

We do not use cookie files to track how the users use the Internet after leaving our website, we do not store any private information, which could be accessed by other parties. We use two types of cookie files:

„Session cookie” – a temporary file created on the User’s computer, which is deleted immediately upon closing the web browser’s window.

„Permanent cookie file” – a file stored on the User’s computer until it expires or is explicitely deleted by the User.

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